High-Temperature Metal Expansion Joints for PDH Polska Oleflex CCR, Poland



Megaflexon has successfully manufactured and supplied 12 high-temperature metal expansion joints to Polska Oleflex CCR PDH plant in Poland.


The expansion joint manufactured this time is a dual hinge type expansion joint and is designed to operate at a high temperature of 600℃.


UNS No. N08800 material is used for the bellows, which is the most important part of the expansion joint and ASTM A358 TP 316H & ASTM A240 TP 316H was used for the pipes and hard wares.  These raw materials are suitable for high temperature application and is excellent in corrosion resistant, which contributes to the long life cycle of the expansion joints while keeping required movements of the design condition.


In this project, we have the CE PED certificate (manufacturer certification according to the European pressure vessel standard), which is the customer's requirement, so we were able to satisfy our customers with the best quality to meet the customer's desired requirements.




Main mechanical design and features:


Dual Hinge with Tie Rod Type Metal Expansion Joint


l  Size : 32”(DN 800) x 9346mmL~


l  Design Press. : 535 kPaG


l  Design Temp. : 600




Design Codes


l  EJMA 10th Edition


l  ASME B31.3 – Process Piping

l  UOP Standard Specification for Metal Expansion Joint






l  Bellows : UNS No. N08810


l  Pipe : ASTM A358 TP 304H


l  Hardware : ASTM A240 304H



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