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Through accumulated experience and know-how, Megaflexon has full knowledge and in-depth understanding in expansion joints and provides customers field service according to customers’ requests. It includes inspection, onsite installation and on-site repair, etc. Through this field service, customers can avoid unnecessary downtime, cut labor losses and ensure correct on-line operation.
In­stal­la­tion of ex­pan­sion joints must be performed by persons who trained and familiar with expansion joints. Megaflexon can support customer with all kinds of expan­sion joints whenever customer wants. Besides in­stal­la­tion support, we can offer installation and in­spec­tion supervision for existed ex­pan­sion joints.
Installation services are as follows but not limited.
Supervision for installation and inspection
Expansion joints removal and installations
Repair/refurbishment of expansion joints and accessories
Inspection/optimization of in­stalled ex­pan­sion joints