High-Pressure Metallic Flexible Hoses for LG Chem Yeosu No.2 Complex Project, Korea


Megaflexon successfully manufactured and supplied 2 sets of large braid & braid type metal flexible hoses to LG Chem's Yeosu No.2 Complex Project, a representative petrochemical product plant in Korea.

The characteristic of this product is a 16-inch metal flexible hose with a braid & braid type, which has a high-strength and is very flexible. It is also specialized for the high-pressure application enough to absorb 450,000 tons of Discharge & Suction Pipe Lateral Offset from the crude oil storage tank.


■ Main mechanical design and features:


  • Braid & Braid Type Metal Flexible Hose
  • Size : 16”(DN 400) x 2190mmL
  • Design Press. : 16.0 kg/cm2G
  • Design Temp. : 80℃



■ Design Codes


  • DIN EN ISO 10380:2013-02



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