High-Pressure Expansion Joints for SK GAS ULSAN PDH PLANT, KOREA


Megaflexon has successfully manufactured and supplied a total of 138 high-temperature Expansion Joints such as Pantograph type, Gimbal type, Hinge type, etc. to SK GAS Ulsan PDH plant, the one of the largest world's PDH plant.

It was a great opportunity to maximize the professional capabilities of Expansion Joint manufacturing technical know-hows that Megaflexon has accumulated over the past 36 years to fulfill various and high-end technical requisitions by client. 

SK Advanced Ulsan PDH Plant is the world's largest plant that produces PDH single item.

Propane De-hydrogenation (PDH) is a process in which propylene is produced by removing hydrogen from propane. Propylene is used as a base oil for plastics, synthetic fibers, automotive interior materials, etc. Propylene, along with ethylene, is used as a basic raw material for many petrochemical products, and has becoming the foundation of the petrochemical industry. Recently, there is a continuous increase in demand for propylene due to the growth of related industries. 

This project was supplied in compliance of TECHNICAL LICENSE for CATOFIN PROCESS of ABB LUMMUS.


■ Main mechanical design and features:


  • Universal Pantograph Type Expansion Joints for PDH Plant
  • Size : 96”(DN 2400) x 4400mmL and other sizes of Total 138 sets
  • Design Press. : 2.81 kg/cm2G
  • Design Temp. : 649℃



■ Design Codes


  • EJMA 10th edition
  • ASME B31.3 – Process Piping



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High-Pressure Expansion Joints for SK GAS ULSAN PDH PLANT, KOREA