Rubber Expansion Joint for Formosa Group Mai Liao Power Plant, Taiwan


Megaflexon supplied 2 sets of ND 3400 (136”) x 1800mmL 6 Filled Arch Rubber Expansion Joints to the Mai Liao Power Plant located in Mai Liao City, through Taiwan Formosa Group in March 2021, and this Expansion Joint will be installed and used on the Sea Water Intake Pipe line which is under 20 meters of sea to carry sea water to the power plant.

Mai Liao Power Plant has total installed capacity of 4,200 MW, and is the Taiwan's third largest coal-fired power plant after Taichung Power Plant and Hsinta Power Plant.

It's design conditions are Pressure of 5.4 barG, Temperature of 80 ℃, Movements according to Axial Compression of 100mm, and Lateral Deflection 200mm. Also, it's performance has been verified by completing Hydrostatic test.


The expansion joints, which were previously purchased from foreign suppliers, was damaged and were urgently purchased for replacement by Mai Liao Power Plant, and Megaflexon, which was recognized for its reliable quality, completed fabrication and supplied within 8 weeks after placing the order.

Furthermore, Megaflexon has supplied a number of Rubber Expansion Joints, including Nominal Dia 4300mm x 6 Arch x 300mmL, Nominal Dia 2200mm x 6 Arch x 2000mmL, and Nominal Dia 1500mm x 6 Arch, in recognition of its superior and reliable quality and performance from the Mai Liao Power Plant.


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Rubber Expansion Joint for Formosa Group Mai Liao Power Plant, Taiwan


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